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Abbis Thomas s Nicholas, Peckham, Sry, Yeoman baptised Camberwell 26 Oct 1701; to Walter Tidmarsh] 6 Jul 1715 turned over to George Friend]; <free>; A 17

Huffam Richard at a Court 1678; A 1691

Huggett (Huggets) John s John, Brockham +Betchworth=, Sry, blacksmith to Benjamin Robinson] 20 Jan 1725/6 <free>; A 1751

Hughes (Hewes) Hugh s Hugh, Brymbo, Den, yeoman to Michael Bradshaw] 18 Oct 1722

Hughes John s Thomas, Blendworth, Ham, clerk to John Thorold] 7 Dec 1715

Hughes Nicholas case 1594 (TNA: REQ 226/66)

Hulbeck Catherine to John Holford] 1 Mar 1703/4

Hull John s Henry, Chichester, Ssx, gentleman to Alice widow of Edward Milner] 9 Sep 1672; free 25 Feb 1692/3

Humphreys (Humphrys, Humphreyes) George s William, Swindon, Wil, shopkeeper to Henry Herring] 6 Jan 1763

Humphreys Henry s William, Hindon, Wil, shopkeeper to Henry Herring] 26 Jul 1754; dead

Humphreys John s William to his father 24 Feb 1715/6

Humphreys Robert s William, citizen and upholder to Robert North] 2 Dec 1724 <free>

Humphreys Thomas s Thomas, citizen and mason to Joseph Richardson] 5 Jul 1699; free Aug 1707

Humphreys Thomas s Thomas, Winchcombe, Gls, clerk to Arthur Osborn] 7 Apr 1731; turned over to William Kilpin] (citizen and upholder) 11 Nov 1735 <free>; A

Humphreys William s Henry, Stretton, Wil, mason to Thomas Mayott] 8 Feb 1682/3; free Feb 1691/2; A 1695-1729

Hunt Ann d Robert, High Wycombe, Bkm, draper to Sarah Chapman] 12 Oct 1737

Hunt Emanuel to John Hibbert] 17 Jul 1683

Hunt George to Jonathan Hatley] 29 Oct 1684

Hunt Robert s Robert, High Wycombe, Bkm, draper to Edward Warren] 3 Sep 1723 <free>

Hunter James s William, Brook Street, Westminster, Mdx to his father 15 Nov 1769

Hunter John s Thomas, High Wycombe, Bkm, innholder to Richard Dockwray] 9 Aug 1716

Hunter William s William, Wapping, Mdx, mariner to Charles Grange] 7 Nov 1741; A 1769; 59, New Bond Street, sworn broker, Livery List 1791

Hurst Francis s Thomas, Little Gonerby +Grantham=, Lin, esquire to Robert Milner] 10 Jan 1733/4 <free>