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ABERNETHY, CHARLES, upholsterer, 27 Canal Street, 1825–27. i(1)

ABERNETHY, JOHN, wright. His s Alexander p to John Howden, saddler, for 6 years, 5 August 1779. i(3)

ADAM, ALEXANDER, virginals maker. His w Elizabeth Guthrie buried 20 December 1673. i(8, 10)

ADAM, QUENTIN, wright, B of Canongate as p to Dougall McFarlane, B, 9 April 1663.

ADAMS, ALEXANDER, cabinet-maker, 10 Horse Wynd, Canongate1839–40. i(1)

ADINSTON (ADMISTON), LAWRANCE, son of Thomas Adinston of Kirkcant, apprenticed to John Nasmyth, wright, 6 June 1688

AINSLIE, JOHN, wright, Calton; B 18 April 1782. i(1, 2)

AINSLIE, WILLIAM, cabinet-maker, Keir Street, Stockbridge1826–27. i(1)

AIRD, THOMAS, upholsterer, son to John Aird, fermourer in Charilow; p to John Yeats, upholsterer, B, 2 February 1687; B as p to John Yeats 18 July 16

AITCHISON, JOHN AND co, cabinet-makers and upholsterers, 12 Elm Row1825–27. i(6)

AITCHISON, THOMAS, wright, 74 Kirkgate, Leith1825–26. i(1)

AITKEN, ALEXANDER, cabinet-maker and upholsterer; B in right of w, Isobel, daughter of Richard Nimmo, stationer, B, 11 October 1792; cabinet-maker, F

AITKEN, ARCHIBALD, upholsterer and undertaker, Tolbooth Wynd, Canongate1773–90.

AITKEN, CHARLES, wright, Currie’s Close, Castle Hill1774–79. i(1)

AITKEN, DANIEL, carver and gilder, James’s Court1790–92. i(1)

AITKEN, DANIEL, carver and gilder; B as p to Archibald Hewison, B, 4 December 1804; GB 30 June 1806; 483 Lawnmarket 1814–15.

AITKEN, JAMES, wright, 11 Bread Street1825–27. i(1)

AITKEN, JOHN, wright in Canongate; son of John Aitken, wright, B. B of Canongate 22 August 1667.

AITKEN, JOHN, wright in Canongate; B as p to James McFarlane, wright in Canongate, 25 September 1697.

AITKEN, JOHN, wright in Canongate; his s John p to John Steell, watch-and clock-maker 21 February 1750. i(3)

AITKEN, WILLIAM, wright; B in right of w Catherine, daughter of Patrick Cunningham, wright, B, 2 September 1767. i(2)

ALCORN, SAMUEL, wright, West Causewayside1786–88; Burgh Loch 1788–90. i(1)