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Bell, Philip

St Paul's Churchyard, London, cabinet maker and upholder (fl. 1758–74) 

Bent, Thomas

Opposite Bridewell Bridge, Fleet Ditch, London, bed-joiner (1749–c. 1760) 

Bird, Thomas

Bath, Somerset; upholder, auctioneer and undertaker (fl. 1784–94)

Trading in Queen Square, 1784; and 34 Broad Street, 1794.

Bisset(t) (or Birset), John

London cabinet maker, cabinet and upholstery warehouseman, sworn appraiser and undertaker (c. 1760–93)

Blyde, Charles

London; cabinet maker, upholsterer, appraiser and undertaker (fl. c.1760–84)

Boyle, James, at ‘The Golden Eagle’, Gt Pulteney St, Golden Sq., London, carver and gilder (1763–78).

Bristow, John

St Alban's Street, Pall Mall, London; upholsterer, cabinet maker and undertaker (fl. 1791)

Brown, Ralph

Newcastle, Northumberland; upholsterer (fl. 1768–1808)

Trading at ‘The Royal Tent, Foot of the Side’, 1768–1792 and Dean Street, no. 8 from Mosley Street, 1792–1808.

Brown, William

‘The Cross Keys and Star’, the corner of Spittle Square, Spittalfields, London; upholder, sworn appraiser and funeral furnisher (fl. c.1750–60)

Buck, Ann

at ‘The Queen's Head’, Holborn, near Hatton Garden, London; dealer in furniture and upholstery (1741–50)

Burcham, Peter

Norwich, Norfolk and London; carver, cabinet and chair maker, undertaker and appraiser (fl.1742-63)

Burkle, D. & Sons

London; furniture makers (fl.1881-1992)

Burton, Samuel snr

London; upholsterer, cabinet maker, auctioneer and undertaker (fl. 1765–d. 1801)

Cleere, George

‘The Chair’, Castle Street, near Long Acre, London; cabinet maker (fl. 1788)

Copland, Henry, Gutter Lane, Cheapside, London, engraver and designer (1720–d. 1753). Trained as a silver engraver. App. to goldsmiths in 1720 and 1724. His engraved work popularised the Rococo style.

Crouch, Caesar

The Black Swan, south side of St Paul's Churchyard, London; joiner and cabinet maker (fl.1722–63)


at ‘The Chair’, the corner of Wych Street, facing Drury Lane, London; cabinet maker (fl. c.1770)

Darby, William

at ‘The Bear & Crown’, 12 Aldermanbury, London; upholsterer, appraiser and undertaker (fl. 1750–70)

Davies (or Davis), T. & Griffin, Warwick and Newhall St, Birmingham, carver and gilders (1769–70).

Dawson, W., address unrecorded, cm (mid 18th century). Name impressed on high quality mahogany Rococo card table with concertina action.