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Andrews, F. & Co.

Address not stated; metal bedstead makers (fl.1887)

Bianco, D. & Sons

Fitzroy Works, North Crescent, Chenies Street, Tottenham Court Road, London; furniture manufacturers (fl.1880-1980)

Brown, W. S.

28 Howe Street & Broughton Market, Edinburgh, Scotland; cabinet maker (fl.1877-85)

Daly, John & Co.

Cork, Ireland; cabinet makers (fl.1883-84)

Fraser, Sons & Company

Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Scotland; cabinet makers (fl.1888)

Gibson, John S.

51 North Hanover Street, Edinburgh, Scotland; wood carver and modeller (fl.1884-6)

Hindley & Wilkinson Ltd

Welbeck Street & Old Bond Street, London; decorators, designers, upholsterers, cabinet makers (fl.1887-1912)

Howard, John; Howard and Sons

London; upholsterers and cabinet makers (fl. 1820-1925)

dHull, Edward; Doveston, Bird and Hull; Doveston, Davey, Hull & Company

Manchester; cabinet makers and upholsterers (fl.1840-1905)

Jack, George Washington 

London; furniture designer and wood carver (b.1855-d.1931)

Laverton & Co.

36 & 37 Maryleport Street, Bristol; cabinet makers (fl.1876-86)

Light, C. & R.

Shoreditch, London; furniture makers and suppliers, timber merchants and exporters of furniture (fl.1855-c. 1925)

Litchfield and Radclyff

Hanway Street, London; cabinet makers (fl.1862)

Longstaff & Pitcher

London; bedroom furniture, deal furniture and wholesale furniture makers (fl.1875-1900)

Manger, John & Co.

Bartlett’s Buildings, Holborn Circus, London; cabinet makers (fl.1885)

Morant & Co.; Morant and Boyd; Morant, Boyd and Morant; Morant, Boyd & Blandford (sometimes Blanford)

91 New Bond Street, London; upholsterers, cabinet makers and decorators (fl.1851-1915)

Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co., later Morris and Co.

London; designers, makers, artists and upholsterers of furniture (fl.1861-c.1944)

Myer, Horatio

Vauxhall, London; metal furniture manufacturers (fl.1876-c.1900)

Parker and Harris

opposite the New Church, Strand, London and Bond Street, Bath, Somerset; carvers (fl. 1776)

Parker and Harris advertised their ability to supply statues, bas-reliefs and busts.