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Benham & Froud

London; metalworkers and wooden coalbox makers (fl.c.1855-c.1893)

Blyth & Sons

London & Liverpool; upholsterers, bed makers, feather importers and wholesale cabinet makers (fl. c.1820-88)

Booth, James

76 Quay Street, Manchester, Lancashire; art furniture manufacturer, merchant, cabinet carver, and gilder (fl.1876-86)

Brawn, Thomas

64 Clement Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire; art metal furniture worker (fl.1874)

Bregazzi, J. & Co.

8 Athol Street, Douglas, Isle of Man & Liverpool, Lancashire; art furniture manufacturer & merchant, cabinet carver & gilder, looking glass & picture frame maker (fl.1877-86)

Brew & Claris; Brew, Benjamin

Finsbury, London; wholesale furniture makers (fl.c.1870-1888)

Brook Brothers

6 ½ Rathbone Place, London; upholsterers’ trimming manufacturers (fl.1879-1902)

Brown Brothers

Edinburgh, Scotland & London; cabinet makers and art cabinet makers (fl.1878-1900)

Campbell, Smith & Company; Campbell, Charles

London; decorators of interiors & furniture and artistic furniture makers (fl.1873-1889)

Capel, Henry

Great Titchfield Street, London; artistic furniture maker and upholsterer (fl. c.1866-82)

Chapman, G. H.

33 Cannon Street, London; art furniture manufacturer & merchant, cabinet maker, garden furniture maker (fl.1885-1886)

Chubb & Son; Chubb & Co.

London; furniture lock smiths, furniture makers; art metal workers (c.1818-1977)

Clarke, W.

29 Viceroy Road, South Lambeth Road, London; art furniture manufacturer, cabinet maker and merchant (fl.1877-1886)

Cohen, Barnett & Son(s) Ltd

London; furniture makers (fl.1848-1968)

Collinson and Lock

London; furniture makers, upholsterers, decorators and retailers (fl.1870-1897)

Coventry Art Metal Works

Coventry, Warwickshire; art metal furniture makers (fl.c.1865)

Cox & Son(s); Cox, Sons, Buckley & Company

Southampton Street & Lambeth, London & Thames Ditton, Surrey; church & domestic furniture makers, retailers, carvers and gilders (fl.1853-1935)

Deintje, Julius Adolphe

London; cabinet maker, art furniture maker and merchant (fl.1874-1900)

Donaldson, Andrew

Address not stated; decorator of furniture (fl. 1870-71)

Dyer, John & Co.; Dyer & Watts; Dyer, Harper & Dyer; Dyer, Nesbit & Co.

London; bedroom furniture maker and cabinet maker (fl.1829–1900)

Edwards & Roberts

London; furniture makers, upholsterers and antique furniture dealers (fl.1845-1899)

Fletcher, J.

Ray Street, Farringdon Road, London; art furniture manufacturer and merchant (fl.1880-1886)