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Benjamin, Peter & Daphne

London Road, Tonbridge, Kent; Tunbridge ware maker, restorer (fl. c. 1970-2009)

Boyce, Brown & Kemp; Boyce, Thomas Amos; Brown, James; Kemp, Alfred

Cutts, John

Upper Beeding, Steyning, Sussex; Tunbridge-ware maker (fl. 2005)         

Fenner, William; Fenner & Co.

Tunbridge Wells, Kent; Tunbridge-ware manufacturers and retailers (fl.c.1792-1844)

Fry, John

The Parade, Tunbridge Wells, Kent; Tunbridge ware & cabinet maker & retailer, upholsterer (fl.1796-1829)

Gauer, V. & Son

Holland Park and Latimer Art Parquet Works, 13 Latimer Road, Notting Hill; art parquetry makers (fl.1888)

Grant Brothers

Romania & unstated UK address; parquet flooring manufacturers, house furnishers (fl.1883)

Gregory, Charles; Gregory & Co.

London; furniture makers, decorators and antiques dealers (fl.1859-c.1940)

Howard, John; Howard and Sons

London; upholsterers and cabinet makers (fl. 1820-1925)

Levien, Johann Martin

Prussia, New Zealand and London; cabinet maker and upholsterer (b.1811-d.1871)

London Parquetry Co.; Steinitz, Charles

Grove Lane, Camberwell, London; parquet floor manufacturers (fl.1845-84)

Marshall, John

London; cabinet maker, upholder, joiner and chair maker (1793–1840).

Robinson, John

London; Tunbridge-ware manufacturer (fl. 1792–1818)

Turpin, Marie Firmin Charles

22 Queen’s Road, Bayswater, London; furniture maker, wood carver, carved woodwork manufacturer and maker of parquet flooring (fl.1866-1911)

Ubsdell, John Talbot

Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, Kent; Tunbridge ware manufacturer (fl.1828-1834)