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Blades, Thomas,

London, cabinet maker and upholder (fl.1774–1822)

Fish, Peter

Hopton, Suffolk; cabinet maker (fl.1744–d. 1788)

Garrett, Len

Saltdean, Brighton, Sussex; Tunbridge ware maker (fl.1982-2010)

Gillow, John

Lancaster, and Liverpool, Lancs., and London; cabinet maker (fl. 1770-94)

Hollamby, Henry

Tunbridge Wells, Kent; Tunbridge-ware maker (fl.1842-91)

Keene, John, Oxford St, London, cm (c. 1820). Label recorded on a Regency rosewood breakfast table with brass inlay banding, supported on a circular pillar with a concave three sided base.

Nye, Edmund

Parade and Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells; Tunbridge-ware maker and print publisher (b.1797-d.1863)

Roberts, William

Address unrecorded; cabinet maker (fl.1797)

Seddon, George snr; Seddon & Sons; Seddon, Sons & Shackleton; Seddon & Co.

Aldersgate Street, London; cabinet maker (fl.1753–1815)

Smee, William; Smee, W. A. & S.; Smee, John Henry; Smee & Cobbay

London; cabinet makers, upholsterers, export furniture manufacturers, undertakers and appraisers (fl.1793–1890)   

Talbot, Alfred

Tunbridge Wells, Kent; Tunbridge ware manufacturer (fl.1844-52)

Willson, Thomas

68 Great Queen Street, London; furniture broker, etc. (fl. 1799–1854)

Wise, George (III)

High Street, Tonbridge, Kent; turner and Tunbridge ware manufacturer (fl.1841-c.1876)

WISE, George (II); Wise & Co.

High Street, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, Kent; print publisher and Tunbridge Ware Manufacturer (fl.1807-69).