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Adams, William

Harborne, Staffordshire; Tunbridge ware maker (fl.1980-91)

Boyce, Brown & Kemp; Boyce, Thomas Amos; Brown, James; Kemp, Alfred

Fenner, William; Fenner & Co.

Tunbridge Wells, Kent; Tunbridge-ware manufacturers and retailers (fl.c.1792-1844)

Levien, Johann Martin

Prussia, New Zealand and London; cabinet maker and upholsterer (b.1811-d.1871)

Nye, Edmund

Parade and Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells; Tunbridge-ware maker and print publisher (b.1797-d.1863)

Stewart, J.

Clanbrassil Street, Dublin, Ireland; chair maker (fl. 1853)

Upton, William, snr. & jnr.

Brighton, Sussex; Tunbridge ware manufacturer (fl.1818-64)

Wise, George (III)

High Street, Tonbridge, Kent; turner and Tunbridge ware manufacturer (fl.1841-c.1876)