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Baines, Henry

Lancaster, Lancs.; joiner and cabinet maker (fl.1731–84).

Barrow, Nicholas

Lancaster, Lancs.; cabinet maker (fl.1818-43)

Beetles, C. C.

93 & 102 Herbert Street, New North Road & 45 Essex Road, London; bamboo furniture manufacturers (fl.1894-1900)

Blyth & Sons

London & Liverpool; upholsterers, bed makers, feather importers and wholesale cabinet makers (fl. c.1820-88)

Braine, John

Location unknown; furniture painter (fl. 1770s)

Cruickshank & Veitch; Veitch, W. & Son

Edinburgh, Scotland; cabinet makers, upholsterers, art furniture manufacturers and merchants (fl.1850-86)

Hart, William

15 Hogg Hill, Norwich, Norfolk; cabinet and chair maker (fl. 1789–1818)

Recorded also at 1 Orford Street, 1801–02.

Admitted a freeman on 13 June 1804 [Norwich freemen register].

Howarth, Thomas

Lancaster, Lancs.; cabinet maker (fl.1839-49)

Johns, W.

London?; cabinet maker (fl.1910-1923)

Light, C. & R.

Shoreditch, London; furniture makers and suppliers, timber merchants and exporters of furniture (fl.1855-c. 1925)

Maddox, George; Maddox and Son

21 Baker Street, London; upholsterers, furniture makers, cabinet maker & art furniture maker (fl.c.1850-1886)

Maple & Co.; Cook & Maple; J. Maple

London; upholsterers & furniture makers (fl.1841-1988)

Marshall & Eaton; Marshall & Co.

Mape Street, Bethnal Green Road, London; japanned & pine furniture manufacturers (fl.1877-86)

Miller, David; Christie & Miller

Falkirk, Scotland; furniture maker (fl. 1875-82)

Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co., later Morris and Co.

London; designers, makers, artists and upholsterers of furniture (fl.1861-c.1944)

Norman & Stacey; Norman & Co. (Ltd)

London; furniture makers (fl.c.1880-1910) 

Overfield, A. & Co.

Russell Street, Leek, Staffordshire; cabinet makers, bed & mattress makers, removers (fl.1876-1910)

Park & Cunningham

York Lane, Belfast, Ireland; cabinet makers and bedroom furniture makers (fl.1882)

Pratt, Christopher & Sons; Pratt & Prince

North Parade, Bradford, Yorkshire; cabinet makers, upholsterers and decorators (fl.1850-c.1920)

Seddon, T & G; Seddon & Co.

Aldersgate Street and Gray’s Inn Road, London; cabinet makers and upholsterers (fl.1815-1870)