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Abbott, Anthony

Liverpool, Lancashire; upholder (b. 1773/74–d. 1831)

Abrey, Henry, High St, Chelmsford, Essex, cabinet maker and upholder (1823–40). In November 1834 suffered a fire at his cabinet warehouse in New St, Chelmsford. [D; Times, 25 November 1834; Oxford RO, Misc.

Ackworth, William

86 High Street, Chatham, Kent; upholder and cabinet maker (fl.1802–11)

ADAM, QUENTIN, wright, B of Canongate as p to Dougall McFarlane, B, 9 April 1663.

Adams, George

London; upholder, cabinet maker, auctioneer and undertaker (fl.1777–1828)

Adams, George snr, cm (d. 1773). Small inlaid mahogany cabinet of c. 1750 by this maker belongs to University College, Oxford (on loan to the Museum of the History of Science).

Adams, William, 9 Trippet Lane, Sheffield, Yorks., cabinet and portable desk manufacturer (1822). [D]

Adamson, Robert

Fenchurch Street, London; cabinet maker, joiner and mahogany turner (fl. 1751–66)

Aitken, Thomas 

At the Corner of Langley Street, Long Acre, London, cabinet and chair maker (fl.1760)

Aitken's trade card says he ‘Makes and Sells all Sorts of Cabinet and Chair Work’.

Aizdu Bamboo Co.

London; bamboo furniture manufacturer (fl.1894-96)

Alderson, Augusta

Hartfield, Sheffield; decorator of furniture (fl.1842-5)

Alexander, H. & G; H. & A. G. Alexander & Co. Ltd

Glasgow, Scotland; patentees and furniture makers (fl.1888-1903)

Algar, Joseph, 9 King St, Holborn, London, upholder and broker (1821). On 30 May 1821 took out cover for £1,000 with the Sun Fire Office on his dwelling house at which it was stated there was ‘no stove nor cabinet work done therein’. [GL, Sun MS, vol.

Allaway, George & James, 58 Minster St, Reading, Berks., cm and u (1803–40). Subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803. William Osmond was a partner in 1823. [D]

Alldridge, Charles, 85 Bradford St, Birmingham, cabinet case maker (1839). [D]

Allen & Doolan, 174 Borough, London, cabinet and chairmakers (1768–75). [D]

Allen, George

Fenchurch Street, London; upholsterer, cabinet maker and looking-glass manufacturer to the Bank of England (fl. 1800–20)

Allen, Henry

London (?); cabinet maker (1669–73)

Alsop, Uriah

Bristol; cabinet maker and upholsterer (fl.1884-91)

Alvin, Charles, 60 Cromer St, Gray's Inn Lane Rd and Black Horse Yd, London, broker and cm (1821–23)). Insured with the Sun Fire Office for £200 in 1821 of which £40 was for stock and utensils.

Anderson, —, Windmill St, Tottenham Ct Rd, London, chairmaker (1803). Subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803.

Anderson, David

Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland & Ireland; cabinet maker, piano case maker (fl. 1910-29)