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Betjemann, G. & Sons; George Betjemann Ltd

London; dressing, writing case and fancy furniture makers (fl.1810-c.1910)

Bogaert(s) (or Bogeart), Peter

London; carver, gilder, upholder (fl. 1786–1819)

Bullock, George

Birmingham, Liverpool and London; sculptor, cabinet maker and designer (d.1818)

Hindley & Wilkinson Ltd

Welbeck Street & Old Bond Street, London; decorators, designers, upholsterers, cabinet makers (fl.1887-1912)

dHull, Edward; Doveston, Bird and Hull; Doveston, Davey, Hull & Company

Manchester; cabinet makers and upholsterers (fl.1840-1905)

Pearce, -

Truro, Cornwall; hard stone furniture maker (fl.1851)

Wertheimer, S.

London; furniture maker (fl.1851-71)

Originally of German origin, Wertheimer became a British citizen. He participated in various major international exhibitions 1851-62. 

Wright & Mansfield

Great Portland Street and Oxford Street, London; cabinet makers and upholsterers (fl.1861-1884)