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Angelinetta & Bregazzi

London; cabinet carvers & gilders, looking glass & picture frame makers, looking glass manufacturers (fl.1871-86)

Bertram, William; Bertram and Son

London; upholsterer, looking glass maker, carver, gilder and cabinet maker (fl.1839-1902)

Broom, John

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales; carver and gilder (fl.c.1839)

Dagleish (Daglish), James

London; cabinet & looking glass manufacturer, gilder and upholsterer (fl.1871-1886)

Del Vecchio, James, snr and jnr. also Vecchio and Co.

Dublin, Ireland & London; print seller, manufacturer of plaster of Paris and looking glasses, (fl. 1797-1859)

Elliott, Benjamin

London; carver, gilder and picture frame maker and print seller (fl.1809-29)

Fawcett (Faussett), John

Dublin, Ireland; optician, looking glass manufacturer and glass grinder (fl.1737-d.1761)

Gatehouse, John

‘The Golden Ball’ by the Ditch-side, near Holborn Bridge, London, cabinet maker (fl.1700-30)

Goslett, Alfred & Company

London; carvers, gilders, upholsterers, furniture and looking glass manufacturers (fl.1835-1911)


16 Titchfield Street, London; picture frame and looking glass maker (fl.1782)

Kearney, George

47 or 49 Henry Street, Dublin, Ireland; carver, gilder and looking glass manufacturer (fl. 1850-51)

Lawes, Kitchen and Booth; Lawes, T. and Co.; Lawes, Thomas, Randell and Co.

Lombard, N.

Leinster Street, Dublin, Ireland; furniture manufacturer, carver (fl. 1853)

Meader, John

at the ‘White Lyon over against the Church in Aldermanbury’, London; cabinet maker, japanner (fl. 1700–d. 1724)

Ody, John

‘The Castle’, St Paul's Churchyard, London; cabinet maker and upholder (app. 1704-d. 1733)

Snell, William and Edward; Snell & Co.

London; upholders, cabinet makers, carvers, gilders, bedstead makers, (fl.1788–c.1871)