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Adron, W. & C., New Rd, Fitzroy Sq., London, marble masons and scagliola workmen (1835). Repaired and polished scagliola and marble table tops and pedestals at Windsor.

Arno, Elste & Co.

Address not stated; fancy furniture manufacturers (fl.1886)

Bellman & Ivey

95 Wigmore Street, London; scagliola makers (fl.1877)

Benham & Froud

London; metalworkers and wooden coalbox makers (fl.c.1855-c.1893)

Boylan, P.

Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland; furniture maker, carver, decorator (fl. 1853)

Campbell, Robert

London; upholder and cabinet maker (fl.1754–93)

Dowbiggin, Frank or Francis

Lancaster, Lancs; cabinet maker (b.1765–d.1832)

Luscombe & Son

Exeter, Devon; carvers and church furnishers (fl.1886)

Marco, Charles & Co.

London; ornamental pedestal makers and bamboo furniture manufacturers (fl.1887-1905)

Pearce, -

Truro, Cornwall; hard stone furniture maker (fl.1851)

Pratt, Christopher & Sons; Pratt & Prince

North Parade, Bradford, Yorkshire; cabinet makers, upholsterers and decorators (fl.1850-c.1920)

Rutherford, J. 

Castle Street, Belfast, Ireland; furniture manufacturer (fl. 1853)

Snell, William and Edward; Snell & Co.

London; upholders, cabinet makers, carvers, gilders, bedstead makers, (fl.1788–c.1871)