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Adamson, David Blyth, & Co.

London; furniture decorator & cabinet maker (fl.1876-86)

Alexander & Howell

Glasgow, Scotland; cabinet makers and carvers & gilders (fl.c.1877-1900)

Arrowsmith, Henry, William & Arthur (late Henderson); H. & A. Arrowsmith; A. J. Arrowsmith & Co.

London; upholders, carvers and gilders, cabinet & couch makers, parquet flooring manufacturers (fl.1838–83)

Barnes, R. Slipper

Address not stated; wood carver (fl.1884)

Belschner, F. & Co.

41 Moor Lane, London; bamboo furniture manufacturers (fl.1901)

Bertram, William; Bertram & Son

London; upholsterer, looking glass maker, carver, gilder and cabinet maker (fl.1839-1902)

Birch, William Ltd.

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire & London; chair maker, cabinet maker and upholsterer (fl.c.1840-1954)

Brooks & Wright

29 Thorpe Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire; warehousemen, fancy cabinet manufacturers and coal box/ vase manufacturers (fl.1885-86)

Burlison & Grylls

London; stained glass artists & decorators of furniture (fl.1882-91)

Clarke, Robert

Hereford, Herefordshire; carver (fl.1879-88)

Cutts, John

Upper Beeding, Steyning, Sussex; Tunbridge-ware maker (fl. 2005)         

Decorative Wood Company

Address not stated; wood carvers (fl.1886)

Donaldson, Andrew

Address not stated; decorator of furniture (fl. 1870-71)

Edmonds, E. M.

73 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London; decorator of furniture (fl.1876-7)

Edwards, T. & Sons

High Street, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire; cabinet makers & upholsterers (fl.1884)

Galloway, George

Edinburgh, Scotland; carver (fl.1886)

Gibson, George S.

Edinburgh, Scotland; carver (fl.1886)

[The] Hand Carved Wood Supply Company

258 & 260 Old Street, London; carvers (fl.1892)

Hart, Frederick V.

Address not stated; artist, stained glass designer & decorator of furniture (fl. 1871-89)