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Angelinetta & Bregazzi

London; cabinet carvers & gilders, looking glass & picture frame makers, looking glass manufacturers (fl.1871-86)

Herring, Robert William; Herring & Sons

109 Fleet Street, London; upholsterer and retailer (fl.1845-51)

Hooper, Frederick William, Leamington, Warks., carver and gilder, looking-glass and picture frame manufacturer (1831–37). Recorded at Leamington Priors, 1831–34, and 47 Bath St, 1835–37.

Lawes, Kitchen and Booth; Lawes, T. and Co.; Lawes, Thomas, Randell and Co.

Myler (Meyler), John

Dublin, Ireland; looking glass seller, carver and gilder (fl.1795-1820)

Presswell, William snr

Exeter, Devon; cabinet maker (fl. 1816–33)

At Sidwell Street in 1816 and by 1822 had moved to 188 Fore Street, an address that he was to continue to occupy until his retirement in 1833. 

Saunders, John, Brighton, Sussex, cm, u and joiner (1827–41). John Saunders appears to have continued the family's general upholstery work at Brighton Pavilion after the death of his father, Thomas Saunders, c.1826.

Taylor, Charles, 27 Basnett St, Liverpool, cm and upholder (1821–24). Sale of stock on declining business ‘on account of ill health’ advertised in Liverpool Mercury, 14 May 1824.

Vick, Christopher Wren, 132 North St, Brighton, Sussex, carver, japanner, gilder and ornamental painter (1831–41). Recorded also at 148 North St in 1839. Named in the Windsor Royal Archives on 30 June 1833 providing ‘6 Elbow Chairs —Japanned w.

Whitcombe, Arthur

23 and 28 Coventry St, Haymarket, London; carver and gilder (fl.c