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Adams, William S. & Co.

London; furniture ironmongers (fl.1860-85)

Aldwinckle, Henry; Aldwinkle, Henry

18 Exmouth Street, Clerkenwell, London; bedstead maker and carpenter (fl.1820-45)

Allan, Thomas, 12 Gibraltar Row, Lambeth, London, bedstead maker (1826). [D]

Allen, Thomas, 9 Wandsworth Rd, London, bedstead maker (1829). [D]

Anderson, James, 12 Broker's Alley, Drury Lane, London, bedstead maker (1839). [D]

Anderton, Henry, Liverpool, cm and upholder (1811–19). In 1811 traded from 18 Sir Thomas Buildings and in the same year is recorded at 2 Marble St with a partner called Jamieson.

Andrews, F. & Co.

Address not stated; metal bedstead makers (fl.1887)

Appleton, Thomas, 173 Drury Lane, London, turner and bedstead maker (1811–19). [D]

Archbald, Adam, 3 Hatton Walk, Hatton St, London, joiner and bedstead maker (1787). On 12 July 1787 insured goods in his house and workshop for £400 with the Sun Fire Office. [GL, Sun MS vol. 346, p. 2971]

Archibald, Adam, Hatton Wall, Holborn, London, bedstead maker (1795–97). Declared bankrupt, March 1795. [Billinge's Liverpool Advertiser, 9 March 1795, 6 November 1797]

Arnold, William, 2 Back Rd, St George's Sq., London, bedstead maker (1839). [D]

Ashworth, T., 1 Gt Tower St, Commercial Rd East, London, chairmaker, bedstead maker, cm and u (1829). [D]

The Austrian Bentwood Furniture Co.

London; bentwood furniture makers (fl.1881-92)

Bailes, Sarah, 343 Oxford St, London, bedstead maker (1829–1839). [D]

Bailey, William, 91 Great Titchfield St, London, bedstead maker (1829). [D]

Barefoote, Josiah, London, cm and u (d. 1744). Sale of stock announced in Daily Advertiser, 19 May 1744: ‘The Upholstery & Cabinet Goods of Mr Josiah Barefoote, deceas'd within Two Doors of Durham Yard in the Strand, viz.

Barrett, John
53–54 Wardour St, Soho, London; cabinet maker, bedste

Barrett, Richard, George and William

Pembroke, Wales; cabinet maker, builder, upholsterer, paper hanger, appraiser and undertaker (fl. c.1820-1889)

Barrett, T. & Wickstead, G., 53–54 Wardour St, Soho, London, cabinet and bedstead manufacturers, chairmakers, bedding manufacturers (1803–15). Recorded at 50 Wardour St in 1811. Named in Sheraton's list of master cabinet makers, 1803.

Barry, William, 15 Junction Dock St, Hull, Yorks., cm, u, paper hanger and furniture broker (1831–40).

Beagle, James

London; bedstead maker & upholsterer (fl.1839-45)

Recorded at 29 Marshall Street, London Road as bedstead maker (1839).