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Barefoote, Josiah, London, cm and u (d. 1744). Sale of stock announced in Daily Advertiser, 19 May 1744: ‘The Upholstery & Cabinet Goods of Mr Josiah Barefoote, deceas'd within Two Doors of Durham Yard in the Strand, viz.

Bastendorff, Peter & Co.; Bastendorff, Severin; Bastendorff, Sidney

4 Euston Square & 23 Harrington Street, Hampstead Road, London; cabinet maker, bamboo furniture manufacturer (fl.1881-1903)

Bill, Hubert & Co.

London; bamboo furniture manufacturer (fl.c.1869-1905)

Borsey, Richard

205 & 207 Stamford Street, Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire; cabinet maker & carpet warehouseman (fl.1885)

Brettingham, Matthew

London and Norwich, Norfolk; architect and carver (b.1699- d.1769)

Bromhead, —, address unrecorded (1727). Named in the Holkham Hall accounts supplying ‘4 Russia chairs and 2 settees etc.’ costing £11, in 1727. [V & A archives]

Cawley, James

4 New Inn Yard, London; furniture makers (fl.1870-1886)

Chapman, Thomas

17 Old Bethlem (Bedlam), London; cabinet maker and bedstead maker (fl. 1748–80)

Christie, Robert & Archibald Haswell

London; cabinet maker and upholsterer, house furnisher, designer (fl.1871-1916)

Clarke, C.

Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland; furniture manufacturer, cabinet maker (fl. 1853)

Cooke, John

Chester, Cheshire; cabinet maker (fl. 1765–89)

Free 18 February 1765 after serving as an apprentice to the cabinet maker, Philip Prestbury of Chester.

Cookes, William; Cookes & Sons; Cookes, Sons & Meres; J & W Cookes

Warwick & Leamington, Warwickshire; cabinet makers, carvers and upholders (fl.1812-1867)

Crane, Walter & Mrs.

London; artist, designer of furniture, needlewoman (fl.1875-1912)

Daly, John & Co.

Cork, Ireland; cabinet makers (fl.1883-84)

Dryad Furniture

Leicester, Leicestershire; cane furniture makers (fl.1907-1950s)

Dunton, William, London, cm and u (1715–d. 1764). Trading in Bedford St, Covent Gdn in 1733. Son of John Dunton, yeoman, of Ryslip, (Ruislip) Middlx, and brother of John Dunton, jnr, to whom he was app. on 7 March 1715/16.