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Askew, William

Lancaster, Lancs; cabinet maker (fl.1743-1788)

Baines, Henry

Lancaster, Lancs.; joiner and cabinet maker (fl.1731–84).

Barnsley, Ernest

Birmingham, Pinbury & Sapperton, Gloucestershire; architect, furniture designer and maker (b.1863-d.1926)

Barnsley, Sidney Howard

London & Gloucestershire; furniture designer, furniture maker and architect (b.1865-d.1926)

Barret, J.

London or Lancaster, Lancs.; cabinet maker (fl.1850)

He is recorded in the Gillow’s records concerning a satinwood wardrobe made for Ferguson & Co. in November 1850.

Beetles, C. C.

93 & 102 Herbert Street, New North Road & 45 Essex Road, London; bamboo furniture manufacturers (fl.1894-1900)

Buchanan, William

London; cabinet maker (fl.1808-37)

Buchanan was at 2 Whitcomb Street (1808).

Clarke, J.

Townsend Street, Dublin, Ireland; furniture manufacturer (fl.1853)

Cooper, J.

London; furniture maker (fl.1900-1936)

Custance, William

Norwich & Fakenham, Norfolk; upholder and cabinet maker (fl.1788-94)

Davies, Isaac

Carmarthen, Wales; cabinet maker and upholsterer (b.1781-d.1855)

Dyer, John & Co.; Dyer & Watts; Dyer, Harper & Dyer; Dyer, Nesbit & Co.

London; bedroom furniture maker and cabinet maker (fl.1829–1900)

Edmundson (Edmondson), Richard

Liverpool, Lancashire; cabinet maker and upholder (fl. 1779–d.1810)

Edmundson, Robert jnr

Lancaster and Liverpool, Lancashire.; cabinet maker (fl.1778-c.1785)

Edwardes, Isaacs & Company

179 Hackney Road and Crescent Works, Weymouth Terrace, London; wholesale art furniture manufacturer & merchant (fl.1882-1886)

Edwards, T. & Sons

High Street, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire; cabinet makers & upholsterers (fl.1884)

Fletcher, J.

Ray Street, Farringdon Road, London; art furniture manufacturer and merchant (fl.1880-1890)

Fraser, Sons & Company

Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Scotland; cabinet makers (fl.1888)

Green, Arthur Romney

London, Surrey, Essex and Dorset; furniture maker (b.1872-d.1945)

Guild of Handicraft; Asbhee, C.R.

London and the Cotswolds; furniture makers, carvers, gilders, leather workers, decorative artists (fl.1888-1916)

Gurnell, Tim

Lancaster, Lancs.; cabinet maker (fl.1793)

He is mentioned in the Gillow’s Archive for a mahogany wardrobe he made for Mr. Bishop in Jan 1793. Possibly the same man as Thomas Gurnell.