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Barrow, John

Lancaster or London; cabinet maker (fl.1826-48)

Bracewell, Christopher

Lancaster, Lancs.; cabinet maker (fl.1848-49)

Daniell, —,

42, 44 and 46 Wigmore St, London, cabinet maker (c. 1770-c. 1820)

Green, James

Lancaster, Lancs.; cabinet maker (fl.1769-1773)

Hartley, Benjamin

Lancaster, Lancs.; cabinet maker (fl.1848-49)

Hawksley, -

74 Strand, London; furniture retailer (fl.c.1820)

Hervé, François 

Johns (or John) St, London, cabinet and chair maker (fl.1781–96) 

Roodhouse and Sons

Cookridge Street, Leeds, Yorkshire; furniture manufacturers (fl.c.1875-84)

Thomlinson, Anthony

Lancaster, Lancs.; carver and artist (fl.1766-69)

Turner or Tornor, John

Lancaster, Lancashire; cabinet maker (fl.1769-71)

Waals, Peter van der

Gloucestershire; cabinet maker (b.1870-d.1937)

Whitby, John

Mount Street, London; upholsterer and cabinet maker (fl. 1741–57)

Whiteside, Edward

Lancaster, Lancashire; cabinet maker (fl.1822-50)

Willson, Thomas

68 Great Queen Street, London; furniture broker, etc. (fl. 1799–1854)

Young & Trotter; Young, Trotter & Hamilton; Young, Trotter, Hamilton & Trotter; Young & Trotters

Edinburgh, Scotland; upholsterers, cabinet makers, undertakers and carpet manufacturers (fl.1747-1805)