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Adair, William Robert

London; carver and gilder (fl.1777–1805)

Adams, Robert & Co.

403 Oxford Street and 2 Dean Street, Soho, London; chair and sofa manufacturers, cabinet makers, upholsterers, japanners and gilders (fl. 1801–16)

Alger, Mary, 33 Drury Lane, London, chair and sofa maker (1827). [D]

Anderton, Henry, Liverpool, cm and upholder (1811–19). In 1811 traded from 18 Sir Thomas Buildings and in the same year is recorded at 2 Marble St with a partner called Jamieson.

Archibald, Alex., 10 Little Duke St, Westminster, London, chair and sofa maker (1827). [D]

Atherley, Francis, London, cm, u, chair and sofa maker, undertaker (1822–39). At 14 Richmond St, St Lukes, 1822– 27 but by 1835 had moved to 64 Banner St. [D]

Attwater, W.

9 Drake Street, Red Lion Square, London; cabinet maker, upholsterer and undertaker (fl. c. 1820)

Baker & Clack

Wells Road, Bath, Somerset; wholesale cabinet makers, chair & couch manufacturers (fl.1882-6)

Baker, John, Eastgate St, Gloucester, manufacturers of sofas and fancy chairs (1820). [D]

Baker, William

Windsor, Berks., and London; carver and gilder (fl.1794–1840)

Baldock, Edward Holmes

Hanway St, London; furniture dealer, restorer, etc. (b. 1777–d. 1845)

Barker, William, 5 Middlesex Terr., London, chair and sofa maker (1839). [D]

Barlow, Thomas, 1 Clover St, Princes Sq., London, chair and sofa maker (1827–28). [D]

Barret, W., 13 Little Chapel St, Soho, London, chair and sofa maker (1809–11). [D]

Barrow, William, 4 Little Suffolk St, Southwark, London, chair and sofa maker (1826). [D]

Barton, J., address unrecorded. Inlaid rosewood sofa table recorded signed ‘J. Barton May 17 1822’. [C. Life, 12 June 1969, advert. of Meyrick Neilson, Tetbury]

Battin, J., Suffolk Rd, Cheltenham, Glos., chair and sofa manufacturer (1839). [D]

Bavin, James, 11 Market St, Borough St, London, chair and sofa maker (1832–39). [D]