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Bijar, Robert and Mary

Dublin, Ireland; japanners and wallpaper sellers (fl.1742-69)

Robert Bijar was recorded in Abbey Street, 1742-9, where he died in 1749. He was succeeded by his widow, Mary.

Campbell, Robert

London; upholder and cabinet maker (fl.1754–93)

Casbert, John

The Great Wardrobe, Carter Lane, London; upholsterer (fl. 1660–1677)

Chew, William

12 Lord St, Liverpool, Lancs.; upholder and cabinet maker (b. 1784–d. 1824)

Cooper, John, Boston, Lincs., cm and u (1786–87). In December 1786 he announced that he had just opened his business after a period in the trade in London.

Davis, John

Dublin, Ireland; upholder, cabinet maker and auctioneer (fl. 1779-1813)

Recorded at 62 South Great George Street, 1779-89; 60 South Great George Street, 1790-1813.

France, William snr

8 Long Acre and 101 St Martin's Lane, London; cabinet maker and upholder (b.1727–d.1773)

Gilney, Christopher, Castle Ditches, Norwich, cm (1793–1806). First recorded in 1793 as a subscriber to Sheraton's Drawing Book.

Goff & Gull(e)y

Exeter, Devon; cabinet maker (fl. c. 1790)

Harris, John, 40 Crawford St, London, upholder and undertaker (1817–21). Presumably the u of 40 Crawford St whose lease and stock were sold on 17 July 1821 by Edward Foster of 14 Greek St.

Hitching & Wynn

London, Liverpool, Brighton and Dublin; patentees and manufacturers (fl. c.1885-93)

Linnell, John

London; cabinet maker, upholder and carver (b.1729–d. 1796)

Lurton, Thomas

Liverpool, Lancashire; upholsterer (fl.1803–11)

Morley, David jnr

Carmarthen, Wales; cabinet maker (d.1837)

Morris, John, at ‘The Lion & Crown’, Fleet Ditch, London, u (1717–18). Provided the Duke of Montrose's Bond St House with ‘4 Mounted beds: 1 green mohair lined with Green Satin. 1 light green complet lined with a striped Satin.

Morton, Richard, Worcester, cm, u and undertaker (1768–1817). Recorded at Mealcheapen St in 1788 and 21 Broad St, 1794–98. Listed as Surveyor to the County, 1794. App. to William Reding, joiner, carpenter and cm, and admitted freeman on 20 June 1768.

Newton, James

Wardour Street, London; upholsterer, cabinet maker, decorator, appraiser, agent, undertaker (b.1760-d.1829)

Nickson, Samuel, Bridge St Row, Chester, cm and u (1802–27). Listed also at Commercial Buildings in 1816. Free 3 July 1802. Subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803.

Presswell, William snr

Exeter, Devon; cabinet maker (fl. 1816–33)

At Sidwell Street in 1816 and by 1822 had moved to 188 Fore Street, an address that he was to continue to occupy until his retirement in 1833. 

Radford, John, near the Exe-Bridge, Tiverton, Devon, u, cm and chair manufacturer (1815–38). Recorded at Angel Hill in 1838.

Ravald & Morland, London, upholders and cm (1779–93). Recorded at 13 Prince's St, Soho, 1780–93.