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Barbaroux, William

Golden Lyon, St Paul’s Churchyard, London; gilt leather worker (fl. c.1765)

Bateman, W. H. & A.

270-272 Moseley Street & Sherlock Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire; cabinet maker, chair and sofa maker, furniture manufacturers and upholsterers (fl.1855-1900)

Beare & Son

34 Rathbone Place, Oxford Street, London; music stool/seat makers & musical instrument makers (fl.1882-1902)

Bell, Daniel

London; cabinet maker and upholsterer (1725–34)

Bianco, D. & Sons

Fitzroy Works, North Crescent, Chenies Street, Tottenham Court Road, London; furniture manufacturers (fl.1880-1980)

Bladwell, John

Bow Street, Covent Garden, London; upholsterer, cabinet maker and chair maker (1724–68).

Boulnois, John

44 South Moulton Street and 14 Charlotte Street, Rathbone Place, London; upholsterer (fl.c.1830-71)

Bradley, Thomas

Lancaster, Lancs. and London: cabinet maker and chair maker (fl.1790-1818)

Bragg, George

London; coffer maker and leather seller (fl.1686-1687)

Brew and Claris; Brew, Benjamin

Finsbury, London; wholesale furniture makers (fl.c.1870-1888)

Brodie, Francis

Lawnmarket and Cowgate, Edinburgh, Scotland; cabinet maker, wright, and glass grinder (b.1708-d.1782)

Brown, James

St Paul's Churchyard, London; upholder and cabinet maker (fl.1747–96)

Brown, William

28 Widegate Street, Bishopsgate Without, London; ‘Leather Backgammon Table and Dice Box Maker’ (fl. c.1810)

Brown's trade card is in the Metropolitan Museum, NY.

Source: DEFM

Clozenberg & Son; Clozenberg & Company

Curtain Road and Great Eastern Street, London; furniture makers (fl.1884-1905)

Coleman, Charles

Dublin, Ireland; upholsterer and blanket manufacturer (fl.1733-d.1759)

Coleman, Martha

Dublin, Ireland; upholsterer and blanket manufacturer (fl.1726-d.1732)

Widow of Robert Coleman.

Colley, R. T.

Cambrian Works, Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire; wholesale cabinet maker & upholsterer (fl.1886)

Campbell, Collin

The Liver Works, West Derby Street, Liverpool, Lancashire; bedstead & mattress manufacturers, chair & couch manufacturers and general furniture manufacturers (fl.1882-c.1899s)

Cotton, Samuel

Northampton, Northamptonshire; leather worker and furniture maker (fl.1884)

Crane, Walter & Mrs.

London; artist, designer of furniture, needlewoman (fl.1875-1912)

Daniell, —,

42, 44 and 46 Wigmore St, London, cabinet maker (c. 1770-c. 1820)

Dawe(s) (or Daws) Robert 

17 Margaret St, Cavendish Sq., London, cabinet maker, upholder and recumbent chair manufacturer (1820–39)

Drakeford, John & Price, Richard F.

Birmingham, Warwickshire; box maker (fl. 1815–21)