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Burnell, C. & Fox, John, London, cm, upholders, appraisers and undertakers, successors to William Lamb (1809–25). Trading at 9–10 Jewin St, Cripplegate, 1809–19; and 46–47 Newgate St, 1820–25.

Chew, William

12 Lord St, Liverpool, Lancs.; upholder and cabinet maker (b. 1784–d. 1824)

Dewing (or Dueing), Francis, London and King St, Boston, Massachusetts, engraver and carver (1716). Advertised in Boston City Directory as engraver on copper and silver plate (carver and calico printer), King Street — lately of London.

Nash, Thomas

‘The Royal Bed’, Holborn Bridge, London; upholsterer, appraiser furniture retailer (1714–d. 1748)

Squire, William

London; cabinet maker and upholsterer (fl. c. 1730-1750)

Thomas, J., address unrecorded, cm and u (1806–08). Carried out work for the Dowager Lady Heathcote between 17 July 1806 and 9 May 1807, totalling £20 6s 6d.

Tomlin, Robert

 Liverpool, Lancashire & London; cabinet maker (fl.1820-23)