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Abbott, Anthony

Liverpool, Lancashire; upholder (b. 1773/74–d. 1831)

Anderson, David

Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland & Ireland; cabinet maker, piano case maker (fl. 1910-29)

Barrow, Richard

Lancaster, Lancs.; cabinet maker (fl.1771-82)

Brown, William, 127 Edward St, and 89 St James's St, Brighton, Sussex, cm and builder (1820–27). Probably home address also given at Mulberry Sq. in 1820. Sale of ‘the remaining part of Mr.

Cookes, William; Cookes & Sons; Cookes, Sons & Meres; J & W Cookes

Warwick & Leamington, Warwickshire; cabinet makers, carvers and upholders (fl.1812-1867)

Davies, Isaac

Carmarthen, Wales; cabinet maker and upholsterer (b.1781-d.1855)


Davies, John

53 King Street, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, Wales; cabinet maker and upholsterer (b.1813–fl.1874)

Fayrer, John

Lancaster and Liverpool, Lancs.; cabinet maker (fl.1770-96)

Flood, James

8 Charles St, Middlesex Hospital, London, upholsterer, cabinet maker and chair maker (fl.1824–45)

Lyons, Charles

Bold Street, Liverpool, Lancashire; cabinet maker (fl. 1823–39)

Morley, David jnr

Carmarthen, Wales; cabinet maker (d.1837)

Owen, John

Liverpool, Lancashire; upholsterer (1790–d.1830)

Presswell, William snr

Exeter, Devon; cabinet maker (fl. 1816–33)

At Sidwell Street in 1816 and by 1822 had moved to 188 Fore Street, an address that he was to continue to occupy until his retirement in 1833. 

Swan, John

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire; cabinet maker, upholsterer, auctioneer, appraiser and estate agent and retailer (fl. 1824–45)

Taprell, Stephen & Holland, William; Taprell, Holland & Sons

London; cabinet makers, upholsterers, chair and sofa manufacturers (c. 1803–1843)

Turnley (or Turnly), John Samuel

Garden Row, London Road, Southwark, London; fancy chair and sofa manufacturer, cabinet maker and upholsterer (fl. 1803–29)