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Abbott, Anthony

Liverpool, Lancashire; upholder (b. 1773/74–d. 1831)

Alden, Anne, Below the conduit, Exeter, Devon, u (1717–24). In 1717 took app. named Humphrey Wilcox who continued the business at the same address on her retirement in 1724.

Allen, William, London (?), u (1687–92). Supplied goods to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, between 1687 and 1692 costing £8 14s 8d. [Wren Soc., vol. 19, p.

Alsop, Uriah

Bristol; cabinet maker and upholsterer (fl.1884-91)

Anderton, William, Liverpool, u and cm (b. 1750–d. 1812). Trading on his own account as early as 1777, in which year he was declared bankrupt. Had recommenced business by 1781 when he was trading from 17 Dale St.

Atkins, Thomas Illiff(e), Leicester and Northampton, u (1820–30). App. to Joseph Spencer of Belgrave Gate, Leicester, and admitted freeman in 1826. Trading at Mercer's Row, Northampton, 1823–30.

Baildon, Thomas, Blake St, Stonegate, York, u, appraiser, undertaker and auctioneer (1762–1798). Son of William Baildon, tailor, and Sarah Baildon. App. to Robert Barker jnr u, 1 May 1762. Admitted freeman 1785.

Baines, Margaret & Son, 1 St Paul's Churchyard, London, cabinet and upholstery warehouse, cabinet and carpet warehouse owners (1825–27).

Baines, Thomas

Lancaster and Kirby Lonsdale, Lancashire; joiner, cabinet maker and upholsterer (fl.1766-1823)

Barefoote, Josiah, London, cm and u (d. 1744). Sale of stock announced in Daily Advertiser, 19 May 1744: ‘The Upholstery & Cabinet Goods of Mr Josiah Barefoote, deceas'd within Two Doors of Durham Yard in the Strand, viz.

Barker, Robert snr

at the ‘Sopha Dome Beds’, Petergate, Yorkshire; upholsterer, appraiser and undertaker (b. 1707; fl.  d. 1781)

Beckwith, Henry, High St, Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham, cm and u (1784–1832). Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793, and Cabinet Dictionary, 1803.

Beckwith, John

5 Rathbone Place, Oxford Street, London; upholder and cabinet maker (fl. 1806–16)

Also recorded at 8 Stangate Street, Lambeth, in 1808.

Belk, Vincent, Hall Gate, Doncaster, Yorks., cm and u (1818–34). Submitted bill for furniture and upholstery supplied to G. Wentworth of Woolley Hall, Yorks., between April and November 1825, totalling £48 7s 4d. [D; YAS, Wentworth papers, MD 272/2]

Bell, —, address unrecorded, cm (c. 1750–75). Mahogany Master's armchair with full padded back, surmounted by shield with bacchus head, scrolled arms, and cabriole leg with scroll foot recorded from Vintners’ Hall, London. [V & A archives]

Bell, Daniel

London; cabinet maker and upholsterer (1725–34)

Bell, Philip

St Paul's Churchyard, London, cabinet maker and upholder (fl. 1758–74) 

Benifold, W.,

Rochester & Chatham, Kent; cabinet maker (fl.1803-06)

Recorded with an address of St Margaret's Bank, Rochester (1803). 

Beresford & Hicks

Hemsworth Street & Curtain Road, London; furniture manufacturers (fl.1891-1995)

Bevan, Charles

London; furniture designer, maker, wood carver (b.c.1815-d.1891)

Bickley, John, London, u, cm and gilder (1770). Carried out composition and gilding work at Chatsworth House, Derbs.