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Ayckbown, John Fredrick

Dublin, Ireland; cut glass dealer (fl.1778)

Beale (or Beall), George

London; carver (fl. 1745–49)

Trading at Russell Court, Westminster, 1749.

Blyth & Sons

London & Liverpool; upholsterers, bed makers, feather importers and wholesale cabinet makers (fl. c.1820-88)

Booty, William

137 & 139 High Street, Notting Hill, London; cabinet maker (fl.1871-1875)

Brooker, Thomas

55 Southampton Row, London; carver & gilder (fl.1871-89)

Listed in the London Post Office Directory 1871.  

Butler, Michael

Dublin and London; furniture dealer, collector and restorer (fl.c.1870-1900)

Michael Butler was not a furniture maker but a dealer.

Clarke, Robert

Hereford, Herefordshire; carver (fl.1879-88)

Davidson, Fred

Address not stated; cabinet maker (1916)

Del Vecchio, James, snr and jnr. also Vecchio and Co.

Dublin, Ireland & London; print seller, manufacturer of plaster of Paris and looking glasses, (fl. 1797-1859)

Edwards, T. & Sons

High Street, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire; cabinet makers & upholsterers (fl.1884)

Ellmore, W. T. & Son

Thurmaston, Leicester, Leicestershire. and London; cane, rattan, bamboo and wicker furniture makers (fl.c.1880-1914)

Gibson, R.W. 

Address not stated; screen maker (1903)

Hancock, Shepherd & Rixon; Hancock, Rixon & Dunt; Hancock & Rixon

London; light & chandelier makers (fl.1800–77)


Mary's Abbey & Pill Lane, Dublin, Ireland; china & glass merchant (fl. 1830)

Hunter, William, J. R. & E.; Hunter,W. & J. R.

London; cabinet makers, upholsterers and timber merchants (fl.1823-1891)

Jackson, Joseph

London; cabinet maker (1754–d. 1799). 

At 5 Bull Head Court, Jewin Street in 1754 and from the early 1790s this address was renamed 5 The Crescent, Jewin Street. By 1794 the number had changed to 9.


London; designers and furniture makers (fl. 1920-45)

Johnson, Robert

London; carver and gilder (fl. 1737–49)

Kearney, George

47 or 49 Henry Street, Dublin, Ireland; carver, gilder and looking glass manufacturer (fl. 1850-51)

Leaver, Gabriel

London, England then Savanah, Georgia, USA; cabinet maker and upholsterer (fl.c.1780-d.1795)

Love, T. 

Little Britain, City, London; inventor and manufacturer (fl. 1853)

March, Octavius

47 Baker Street, London; patentee and maker of window blinds and fire screens (fl.1877)