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​​​​​​​The Carton Pierre Works; Shippey & Co. (1877-1885)

The Carton Pierre Works; Shippey & Co.; Shippey Brothers

London; papier mache and carton pierre ornament & looking glass manufacturers and folding furniture manufacturer (fl.1877-85)

Mr Arthur Shippey, financial agent and accountant of 22 Basinghall Street, who traded as Shippey & Co. and the Carton Pierre Works of 34 Rathbone Place, Oxford Street, went into liquidation on the 18 May 1877 [The Furniture Gazette, 9 June 1877]. 

Shippey was possibly connected with Shippey Brothers of 13 King Street, Cheapside, who in 1885 manufactured a folding ladder or steps. It could be combined to the base of a bedstead and then quickly and easily taken out and lowered from a window to provide a quick and convenient fire escape. This was an invention of Mr Henry Tooth [The Furniture Gazette, 1 August 1885].