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Sudbury, James Sen. (1743-1814)

SUDBURY, James sen.5 Cockey Lane, St Peter Mancroft, Norwich; upholsterer (b.1743-d.1814)

Brother of William Sudbury, Swaffham, upholsterer [see latter's will]. Father of James jun.

Free 3/5/1783 by purchase.

Directories: 1783, 1791. 1802 - 1811 Sudbury & Son.

Norwich poll books: 1786-1812.

Holkham Hall accounts. 27/12/1786 — 8/11/1811. A total of £201-3-8 was paid to Sudbury, much of it for unspecified “sundry upholstery”, but mostly for hanging paper both in the Hall itself and in other buildings within the Park. The final payment was £7-5-0 for “Biddeys [bidets] in Mahogany Frames”.

Took apprentice James Colby, 3/10/1787, £1, free 3/5/1799; James Sudbury jun., free 25/9/1800.

He succeeded John Horth as James Woodforde's upholsterer.

James Woodforde's Diary: 

Vol. 13, p. 234: 2/4/1793…gave orders to Sudbury my Upholsterer to send home my Side-Board by 2 Men…4/4/1793…About 2 o'clock this afternoon two Men of Sudbury's at Norwich came with my Side-Board and a large New Mohogany Cellarett bought of Sudbury, brought on the Men's shoulders all the way, and very safe …I gave them what ever they could eat and drink, and when they went away, gave them - £0-1-0 to spend either on the Road or at home and sent word by them to Sudbury to pay them handsomely for their Days work.
Vol. 13, p.249: 24/5/1793 Paid Sudbury for my new Cellaret &c. - £4-4-6.
Vol. 13, p. 251: 31/5/1793 …Mr. Sudbury from Norwich, my Upholsterer called on me this morning concerning some dining Tables - He drank a Glass of White Wine and eat a small Cake or two - He went from my House to Weston house to look at their furniture …
Vol. 13, p. 317: 9/12/1793 Four Days have we stayed at home tho' fine Weather expecting Sudbury my Upholsterer from Norwich with my new Tables - but never came...
Vol. 13, p. 318: 10/12/1793 ..On our return home about 3 o'clock we found Mr. Sudbury with some of his Men in a Cart at my house, having brought home my new Tables - They dined upon some cold Meat at my house & had plenty of good Liquor - Their Horses also were properly taken care of - They left my House about 4 in the Afternoon, very well pleased - The new Tables are three in Number, all of the best Mohogany and new, the middle one is a very large one and very wide, the other two are half rounds, to add to the middle Table - I am to give for them seven Guineas - He took my two large Tables & a smaller one in part of exchange for the others and he is to allow me for the three, only - £2:18:0 Briton [servant] had one of the large ones for his Brother - and Betty [servant] had the smallest for her Father - Briton paid Sudbury for his - £1:0:0 Betty paid ditto - for hers - £0:18:0.

1814: "On Tuesday morning died, in St. Peter's Mancroft, Mr. James Sudbury, upholsterer, in the 72d year of his age." [Norwich Mercury, 27/8/1814].

This entry is originally from Dictionary of Norfolk Furniture Makers, 1700-1840.