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Story & Co. (1898-1950)

Story & Co.

Kensington, London; furniture makers and retailers (fl.1898-1950)

Recorded in 1904 as ‘art furnishers & furniture removers’ at 49, 51 & 53 Kensington High Street & 5 & 7 Young Street, with a factory at South End, Kensington and a depository at North End Road, West Kensington. However, the firm was in existence earlier than this date as a simple oak chair with rush seat of about 1899 was produced to a design of C. F. A. Voysey  (illus. Aslin(1962), pl. 109) and a tall-backed chair with two hearts (similar to the Voysey chair of 1898) is illus. Livingstone, Donnelly & Parry (2016), pl. 228. By 1914 Story & Co. were described as ‘furnishers, house decorators, warehousemen, furniture removers, cabinet makers, upholsterers and house agents’ at Kensington High Street, with a depository at 271 & 273 King Street, Hammersmith; wholesale department at 5 & 7 Young Street and workshops at South End, Kensington. Furniture designed by or copied from the designs of M. H. Baillie Scott was made by the firm c. 1914-1917 and illustrated in The Studio Yearbook of Decorative Art (1916) and The Craftsman (1916). Story & Co. continued to sell furniture from their contemporary showrooms at 7 Kensington High Street until 1950.  

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