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Robinson, John (1792–1818)

Robinson, John

London; Tunbridge-ware manufacturer (fl. 1792–1818)

Addresses given at 34 Duke Street, St James (1797); next to York House, Piccadilly (1798); 53 Piccadilly (1799); and 51 Piccadilly, 5 Margaret Street, Cavendish Square (date unspecified).

trade card
Copyright (Attribution/Credit)
British Museum

Trade card of Robinson, Tunbridge-Ware Manufacturer To their Royal Highnesses of Wales, Dutchess of York and PERFUMER to their Royal Highnesses the Prince & Princess of Wales, Next York-House, Piccadilly, and Tunbridge Wells. Sells every Article of Tunbridge-Ware, on the most reasonable terms. Wholesale, Retail, & for Exportation, 1798 [D2 4012]. © The Trustees of the British Museum

Trade cards are in Banks Collection, British Museum and the Sprange Collection, Tunbridge Wells Museum. The trade cards, dated 1795 and 1797, mention ‘Tables elegantly inlaid with Prints’.

A small cabinet with harewood parquetry bearing the maker’s label ‘From Robinson’s Manufactory. No. 33 Piccadilly AND Tunbridgewells’ is illustrated in Gilbert (1996), figs 774-775.

Source: DEFM;Gilbert, Pictorial Dictionary of Marked London Furniture 1700-1840 (1996);Austen,Tables by Tunbridge Ware Makers’, Furniture History (1997).

Source: DEFM

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.