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Peck, Thomas snr. & jnr. & John (1793-1860)

Peck, Thomas snr. & jnr. & John

Hull, Yorkshire; cabinet maker, upholsterer, broker, auctioneer and appraiser (fl.1793–1860)

Thomas (b. 1771) was listed at 30 Blanket Row in 1793 when he took over a business formerly operated by Thomas Thornham. By 1803 he had moved to 7 Butchery and in this year subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary.

His trade card [Landauer Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York] also dates from this period. On it he advertised ‘Mahogany in Plank Board and Veneer, Feather Beds, Blankets, Carpeting &c.’ and offered to take old furniture in part exchange.

By 1806 he had moved to Queen Street and addresses in this road were maintained for many years. He was situated at 23 Blackfriargate by 1810 where he continued to trade until at least 1826. John Peck (Thomas' second son, b.1801) was also working in the furniture trade and took over the Blackfriargate address (1831-1840). By 1831 Thomas snr was listed at Queen Street as Thomas Peck & Son (presumably working with his son, Thomas jnr, b. 1798).

Thomas Peck & Son was listed at 24 Queen Street with additional premises at no. 62 (1835–40); and no. 61 (1840), with an additional residence for Thomas snr at 29 Kingston Street, and a business address at 14 Kingston Street for Thomas Peck jnr. 

Thomas snr's final home address was 50 Prospect Hill. He died in 1845 with Thomas jnr & John continuing the business together in Hull until c.1860.  John died in 1869 and Thomas jnr. in 1876. 

John's son (another Thomas) reportedly followed his father into the business.   

A Pembroke table has been recorded stamped ‘T. PECK QUEEN ST HULL’.

Source: DEFM

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.