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Peat, William, Henry & Richard (1826–1839)

Peat, William, Henry & Richard

North Street, Chichester, Sussex; cabinet maker and auctionner (fl. c.1826–39)

Presumed successors to Samuel Peat, snr, who was last listed in North Street in 1823. In 1826 shown as W. H. & J. & R. Peat, in 1832 as Peat & Co. and in 1839 as William & Henry Peat. In 1845 only Henry is recorded. Richard Peat is shown trading on his own behalf in North Street in 1839.

A day book survives in West Sussex Record Office inscribed ‘H Peat 1806’, as well as a book of household inventories made by William and Henry Peat, taken between the late 1830s and the 1850s.

The 1841 Census records the following names and addresses:

  • William Peat, Westgate, 60 yrs, cabinet maker
  • Richard Peat, North Street, 50 yrs, auctioneer
  • Richard Peat, North Street, 20 yrs, cabinet maker
  • Henry Peat, North Street, 55 yrs, cabinet maker
  • George Peat, North Street, 14 yrs, apprentice cabinet maker
  • Samuel Peat, West Street, 25 yrs, journeyman cabinet maker

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Source: DEFM; Ponsonby, ‘Samuel Peat: Chichester Cabinet Maker’, Regional Furniture (1994).

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.