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Paul, Charles (1819-25)

Paul, Charles, London, cm and u (1819–25). Directories show Charles Paul at 44 Newman St, Oxford St and 37 Duke St, Manchester Sq. from 1819 when the partnership with Reuben Paul was dissolved until 1825. In February 1820, however, he took out insurance cover of £400 on utensils and stock at a workshop in Edwards Mews, Edward St, Cavendish Sq. and his own address was shown as 141 Oxford St. From April 1822 insurance records show the Duke St address but in addition record workshops elsewhere. In April 1822 a workshop behind 44 Newman St is mentioned but it was rented to a cm named Souton. Charles Paul covered his own utensils and stock at Duke St for £850 out of a total cover of £1,100. In 1823 only £500 cover was paid for, half being for utensils and stock but in the following year cover on trade stock and tools had risen to £700 and his workshops were at 8 Blandford Mews, Blandford St, Manchester Sq. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 483, ref. 962812; vol. 493, ref. 989766; vol. 498, ref. 1003716; vol. 499, ref. 1012309]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.