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Patterson, James (1787-1803)

Patterson, James, London, cm (1787–1803). In 1787 at 4 Worship Ct, Worship St with workshops at Sampson's Gdns, Hermitage St and together with James Camper Harris took out insurance cover on utensils, stock and household goods of £400. No further mention of Harris is recorded and by January 1791 Patterson was at 1 Gt Hermitage St but retaining the Sampson's Gdn workshops. He took out insurance cover for £500 of which £175 was for stock in his workshops and £175 for items in an open yard and sawpit. By January 1803 the total cover had been raised to £950 and the workshops had moved to Princes St, Ratcliffe Highway and stock and utensils here were covered for £400. [GL, Sun MS vol. 345, ref. 530971; vol. 374; ref. 578060; vol. 427, ref. 743361] See Alexander Patterson at 1 Gt Hermitage St.

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.