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Lesage, Adolphe (1843-81)

Lesage, Adolphe

Dublin, Ireland; print seller, frame maker, photographer (fl. 1843-81)

Dublin directories for 1843-75 record the firm at 10 Sackville Street, Dublin as print seller, frame-maker and general agent. At the same address 1876-80 described as ‘Photographer, Print-seller, Frame Maker, Picture Restorer, Artist Warehouse and Agent for Foreign Goods’. 1881, Mr Lesage, same address. A trade label on the back of a watercolour dated 1799 of Lt Col Pepper of Ballygarth, Co. Meath reads ‘A. Lesage, Print Seller, Frame Maker, Publisher, Artists Repository (from Paris) Lower Sackville Street, Dublin.

Source: Glin, ‘Dublin Directories and Trade Labels’, Furniture History (1985).