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Hutt, Elizabeth (1739–1749)

Hutt, Elizabeth

‘The Blew Curtain’, St Paul's Church Yard, London; upholder (fl.1739–1749)

A bill from Elizabeth Hutt & Son Upholders, made out to Mr William Ilbert of Bowringsleigh, for the supply of an upholstered suite of six chairs and two settees and other items (total £19 8s 6d) in 1739 was receipted by Richard Hutt. The bill, one of the chairs and a settee are illustrated in Furniture History (1993) pp.40 & 41.

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British Museum

Bought of Eliz. Hutt & Son Upholders at the Blew Curtain in St Pauls Church Yard We Make and Sell all sorts of Glass Cabinet and Chair Works. ‘Mr. Howard’ (Duke of Norfolk), for ‘a Dressing Table and Glass £6. 6s. Received ye Contents in full of all Demands by Cha: Reddall for Mrs Eliz. Hutt & Co., London 1741 Dec 23 [Heal,125.53]. © The Trustees of the British Museum

In 1749 Elizabeth Hutt provided the Duke of Gordon with ‘A large Wilton; carpet 29 yards at 6/6 — £9. 8. 6.’. Bill head states that she made and sold ‘all sorts of glass, Cabinet & Chairwork’.

She was succeeded by her apprentice, John Iliffe from c. 1753-68 and then by Jonathan Fall, 1765-73.

Sources: DEFM, Jervis, ‘A 1739 Suite of Seat Furniture at Bowringsleigh’, Furniture History (1993).

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.