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Greenwood, Charles (1753-1783)

Greenwood, Charles

5 Rood Lane, Fenchurch Street, London; upholder and appraiser (fl. 1753–d. 1783)

The son of the cheesemonger, Charles Greenwood of Newgate Street, London, and the brother to Thomas Greenwood also an upholder.

Apprenticed to John Perkins of the Sadlers’ Company, upholder, on 2 March 1741 and admitted a freeman of the Upholders Company under the terms of the 1750 Upholders’ Act, 6 September 1753. Master of the Upholders’ Company in 1781 [Guildhall Library (GL), Upholders’ Company records].

trade card
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British Museum

Trade card of Char:les Greenwood Upholder & Appraiser Opposite the Church in Rood Lane, Fenchurch Street London. Makes after the Newest Fashion all sorts of Four Post & Standing Beds. Likewise, Sells all sorts of Upholstery & Cabinet Goods, Vizt Feather Beds, Chairs, Tables, Glasses, Bureaus, Chest of Drawers, Carpets, Quilts, Blankets, Damasks, Harrateens, &c. Variety of paper Hangings & Furniture Checks. N.B. Funerals Furnished, c.1753-83 [Banks,28.67]. © The Trustees of the British Museum

Recorded in London directories from 1765 but clearly trading before this date.


From the late 1770s Greenwood probably had a business relationship with a James Senols who was living in his house in 1777 and in 1781 took out a joint insurance cover with Charles Greenwood on stock and utensils. These were insured for £900.Charles Greenwood was probably a person of some substance by this date as he took out insurance cover of £3,000 on some houses including 7 Rood Lane [London Metropolitan Archive (LMA) Sun MS vol. 259, p. 495; vol. 290, p. 610; vol. 291, p. 570].

In 1780 entered a partnership with James Senols his former apprentice.

Source: DEFM

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.