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Graham and Banks (1894-1908)

Graham and Banks Ltd

445 Oxford Street with works at 50 Carnaby Street, London; cabinet makers (fl.1894-1908)

The directors were Walter Banks, a former draper’s assistant (born c.1865), and James Graham (born 1861), a nephew of Peter Graham who once worked as an upholsterer’s salesman for Jackson & Graham [1881 Census].

Graham & Banks produced a trade catalogue, c.1895, entitled The House Comfortable and The House Beautiful: its furniture and decoration portrayed in pen and camera (copy at the Caroline Simpson Library and Research Collection, Sydney Living Museums). In addition to the manufacture of furniture, according to the Academy Architecture and Architectural Review (1902) they also produced chimney pieces, panelling and fitments. 

Graham & Banks made a mahogany secretaire-bookcase which The Cabinet Maker (January, 1899) remarked had 'rich tones of the mahogany relieved by inlay of the broad decorative character that has been cultivated of late by one or two of our leading manufacturers’ (illus. Agius (1978), p. 90).

Sources: Agius, British Furniture 1880-1915 (1978); Martin Graham.