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Gibson, John S. (1884-1886)

Gibson, John S.

51 North Hanover Street, Edinburgh, Scotland; wood carver and modeller (fl.1884-6)

Gibson advertised as an architectural wood-carver & modeller of panels for cabinets, mantelpieces etc. [The Furniture Gazette, 26 July 1884].  He participated in the Forestry International Exhibition, Edinburgh in 1884 and received a silver medal for carved and ornamental work [The Furniture Gazette, 26 July & 20 September 1884].  His display included a carved oak mantelpiece in Italian Renaissance style with panels depicting Roman warriors (illus.), an oak cabinet and a walnut mirror in the same style, and two lime tree mirror frames. 

In 1886 he issued a work in folio, named the ‘Woodcarver’, published in both Edinburgh & London, with 34 full size designs and useful instruction, ideal for amateurs and also professionals  [The Furniture Gazette, 1 October 1886].