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Gabe & Pass (1898-1950)

Gabe & Pass

London; furniture makers (fl.c.1898-c.1950)

Bernard Gabe, a woodcarver, arrived in London from Odessa, Ukraine, in 1898. He entered into partnership with Mr Pass, his brother-in-law, who was reputedly a fine designer. The firm remained small and produced high quality furniture in English period styles and received a special recognition at an exhibition in Brussels in 1925. Gabe produced furniture for Maples, Waring & Gillow and other major retailers all over the country. Such was his reputation and skilful eye that during his retirement he apparently had a ‘carte blanche’ from Maples and similar firms to purchase second-hand furniture of the best quality on their behalf.

Source: Massil, Immigrant Furniture Workers in London 1881-1939 (1997).