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Frost, Daniel (1787-90)

Frost, Daniel, address unrecorded, u (1787–90). Provided furniture for Stoneleigh Abbey, Warks., between 3 April and 22 June 1787, costing £9 6s 4d. Between March and August 1788 items supplied included an inlaid fire screen stand, £1 1s; an oak chest bed and bedding, £7 19s 1d; ‘2 pillow & claw stands Inlaid’, £2 10s; and ‘A Large Mahogany Cabinett Inlaid frame sash front glaz'd’, at £9 16s. From December 1789 to September 1790 Frost's bill lists four mahogany state chairs with stools, costing a total of £29; ‘A Cormode chest of Drawers banded’, £8 10s; ‘6 Japan'd chairs’, £3 12s; a mahogany wardrobe, £9 9s; and ‘A Black & gold frame glaz'd’, 6s 6d. [Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Leigh receipts DR 18/5]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.