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Fogg, J

Fogg, J., London, chinaman to His Majesty (1824–28). Trading at 150 Regent St, 1826–28. Submitted a bill to Lord Gwydir for work done between 2 March 1824 and 15 April 1826, totalling £177 15s 8d. In March 1824 he provided a large mahogany stand, repaired and cleaned furniture including a ‘french cabinet inlaid and Stand’ for £10 5s; a ‘French Table Inlaid with Porcelaine’, and a ‘Marq.e Cabinet Inlaid with 2 pieces of China’. On 17 February 1824 Fogg supplied a large commode and two covers; and on 16 March 1825, a ‘Pair of Sq.r Walnut Tree Pedest.s Richly Ornamented with Gilt Mountings’, costing £20. Fogg was also paid for china, glass, marble, and for cleaning ‘Stuff Birds’. [Lincoln RO, 2 ANC 6/202/33]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.