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Fletcher, Jeremiah (1714–d.1723)

Fletcher, Jeremiah

London; upholder (fl.1714–d.1723)

Recorded at ‘The Lyon & Lamb’ in the Strand. On 14 March 1720/1 when he purchased a Sun Insurance policy on on goods and merchandise in his house. 

  • St. James's Palace, 1714-15. Thomas Phill and Fletcher were involved with the Royal refurbishment for the King and the Prince and Princess of Wales’ apartments and lesser apartments. They upholstered a set of walnut seat furniture, made by Richard Roberts, with crimson velvet with false cases made from crimson paragon, for the Presence Chamber (cases cost £10.13.6) and charged £4.15.0 ‘For altering the Pearle colour Camblet ffurniture making it fit for another Apartment & for Nailes & putting up’ in the Countess of Kielmansegg’s Apartment at St James’s Palace. The commission further included curtains for rooms like the ‘Treary’ Room, carpets & cushions for various rooms, taking down and replacing ‘Mourning’ furniture with repaired and cleaned ‘Old ffurniture’, making carpets to cover tables/desks and beds and covers for beds (some of these beds are now at Hampton Court). 
  • Houses of Parliament, 1716-18. Refurbishing in partnership with Thomas Phill.
  • Windsor Castle, 1716-18. Refurbishing in partnership with Thomas Phill.
  • Hampton Court Palace, 1716-18. Refurbishing in partnership with Thomas Phill.

Rebecca Fletcher purchased insurance on his house after his death in 1723.

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The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.