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Fielder, Richard (1739)

Fielder, Richard, Portsmouth, Hants., cm (1739). Submitted an account to the Duke of Gordon in October 1739, which included ‘10 small Chaiers at 19s pr. Chaier — £9.10.0; 2 Elbow Chaiers at 27s pr. Chaier — £2.14.0; A Writing Chaier — £3.3.0’ and ‘A Tea Box — £1.1.0’. The account is accompanied by a note which reads: ‘Plese your Grace I have sent the Goods According to your Grace's Order I hope the will come safe and Plese, the will be at the White Hart Inn in the Bourow South Wark Tomorrow Evening the 25 of this Instant: I hope your Grace will Recve Them Safe and will be Plesd with the Bothoms It wass my Lord's Advice I did Them with French Carpiting, The Price Being but one Shilling pr. Chaier More: I have mead Bould according to your Grace's Desier to Draw on your Grace for the Under Menchend Goods Payable to Mr. Robert Shallett at the Black Boy near Temple Barr London …’. A note of 24 October 1739 requests payment of £17 2s to Robert Shallet from the Duke in Craven St, Strand. Receipt is dated 2 November 1739. [Scottish RO, GD 44/51 or 57/465/4/47]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.