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Felster, John (1698-1701)

Felster, John

Dublin, Ireland; upholder and auctioneer (fl.1698-1701)

Recorded ‘…over against Mrs Lucas's Coffee House under the Cork Change on Cork Hill’, 1698-1701.

Advertised in the London Gazette for 29 January 1701, ‘…collection of fine original pictures lately brought from over the seas, also a fine Japan cabinet, and several fine rich gold and silver ribbons, with Indian and French fans, with all sorts of maps. Also a variety of fine curious French prints and some large screens finely painted. They will be sold by way of auction (or who bids most) at George Felster's warerooms, over against Mrs. Lucas's Coffee House under the Cork Change on Cork-hill. Sale begins this present Thursday, being the 29th of this instant January, at ten o'clock in the forenoon and at five o'clock in the afternoon and will so continue the following days till all is sold. The goods may be viewed and catalogues had at the place of sale gratis. By John Felster’.

Source: Glin & Peill, Irish Furniture (2007), p. 274.