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Fawkes, John (1754-57)

Fawkes, John, Guildford, Surrey, u (1754–57). Advertised in Oxford Gazette and Reading Mercury, 29 April and 3 June 1754; and on 2 May 1757 that he ‘has continually fresh Goods coming in of the best of every Sort, being resolved to keep great Choice, and to supply his Customers as cheap as they can buy in London, viz. Standing Beds ready made up of all Sorts and Colours, as Red, Green, Yellow, Blue in Damasks, Harateens, Cheneys, and Linseys, with every Sort by the Piece or yard; also Flowered Linens, Checks, and Wrought Dimity Beds, Printed Paper, Bedsteads, Sacking Bottoms, a large Quantity of Goose, Duck, and Hen Feather Beds ready made, and fill'd with the best dried Feathers to lay on immediately, Ticken of all Sorts by the Yard or Bed, and Feathers of every Sort by the Pound; Quilts, Rugs, Coverlids, Counterpanes, Blankets of all Sorts and Sizes; Chairs, Clocks, Bureaus, Desks, Chests of Drawers, Tables, Glasses, Kitchen Furniture of all Sorts, Iron Pots, and Household Goods in general; where all Persons may be funrish'd at once. He also Buys any Sort of Household Goods, or Appraises and Sells for any Person.’ On 2 May 1757 he added that he bought ‘his Goods of the Makers …’.

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.