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Ellison, Thomas (1767-96)

Ellison, Thomas, Liverpool, u (1767–96). Addresses given in High St, 1767–73; 22 Sparling St, 1787; and no. 39 in 1796. [D] Advertised a lottery of his furniture at Sparling St in Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser, 13 September 1790. The chief ‘specimen of his abilities’ was a bed of state, with window curtains, chairs etc.: ‘The bed consists of a fine whited corded dimity, with variegated purple white silk and cotton fringe, with most superb French tassels, to match the cornices, carved with three figures, two of them the Seasons, and the other a Venus, with Medallions in burnished gold, bedposts of sattin wood, painted and embellished with flowers. On the top of the dome stands a plumage of real Ostridge feathers, and the window curtains in the height of taste, taken from the Dutchess of Devonshire, and part of the bed, from his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, which the proprietor had the honor of conducting.’ Other items in the lottery were ‘A set of neat French mahogany cabriole Chairs, which are well adapted for a small drawing-room or tearoom, and will come lower than the vulgar carved mahogany-back ones, are more suitable for the purpose, and always made use of in genteel families; also several sets of choice Paper Hangings, mahogany Tables and Thairs [sic] of different constructions, and Beds and Hangings in different Stiles, &c.’ Ellison advertised on 29 November 1790 requesting payment for lottery tickets, certain patrons having put him off ‘with evasive answers’; otherwise ‘he shall be under the disagreeable necessity of inserting their names in the public papers’, and failing this, taking them to court.

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.