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Ellison, T (1768-72)

Ellison, T., Liverpool, u and cm (1768–72). Recorded at the corner of Whitecross St in 1768. Advertised sale of stock in Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser, 16 September 1768, at ‘his Wholesale & Retail UPHOLSTERY, CABINET & LOOKING-GLASS WAREHOUSE’. Stock consisted of a ‘great Variety of GLASSES, of all sorts & sizes, in Elegant Frames, Carved & Gilt, in Burnish'd Gold, MAHOGANY, Paper MACHEE in White & JAPAN Frames, from Three Shillings a Dozen to Thirty Pounds the Pair, with GERANDOLES & BRACKETS to match the GLASSES & other Ornaments … in the New, Neatest & Genteelest Taste & in a Workmanlike manner …’. In the same paper on 25 December 1772, T. Ellison, cm and u of Liverpool announced that he was selling off stock on declining the upholstery business and entering new employment. He had for sale ‘all sort of upholstery & some few cabinet goods, of the newest & best construction, according to the present taste; great variety of paper, all or greatest part this years patterns, furniture of all sorts, & the largest & greatest assortment of glasses not to be met with at any other house except one, in London, where his was made …’. Probably:

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.