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Eden, Thomas (1788-1801)

Eden, Thomas, Newcastle, u and furniture broker (1788–1801). Addresses given at ‘The Sofa, Foot of the Side’, 1788–91; 21 Dean St, 1791–94; no. 18, 1794–95; and Groat Mkt, 1801. Advertised in Newcastle Courant several times for apps; and on 22 March 1788 that he had begun business in the shop ‘late Mr. Robert Curry's’, and had ‘been in some of the first shops in London’. On 12 April he announced the arrival from London of ‘a large assortment of Paper Hangings’. Advertised an assortment of stained chairs on 31 May 1789, and for an app. on 16 January 1790. His notice of 15 January illustrated a Hepplewhite-style sofa, and advertised ‘stain'd chairs, from eight shillings down to four and sixpence’. On 24 December 1791 he announced his removal from ‘his Shop at the Foot of the Side, to a more eligible situation, No. 21, Foot of Dean-street’. On 28 April and 3 November 1792 he advertised his ‘Great variety of French and English Sofas with folding beds to them, extremely convenient in large families’. Sale of upholstery goods announced, 22 June 1793 ‘by order of the Trustees’, F. Elden & Son, so he is presumably the Thomas Weatherburn Eden, u of Newcastle, declared bankrupt, Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser, 13 May 1793. He was trading again by 16 May 1794 when he advertised his business at 18 Dean St. On 29 August 1795 his advertisement declared he was ‘sensible of the liberal support he had for these eighteen years experienced … He wishes at the same time to inform the gentlemen of the Army that he has at present by him, a handsome foulding Camp Sofa Bed, on a new Construction, German Beds for Foreign Service … Cott Beds, Mahogany folding tables, Looking Glasses, Camp stools … he also makes the MARQUE and TENTS on the newest Construction without any Centre Poles.’ [D]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.