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Ed(d)en, John jnr (1760-1802)

Ed(d)en, John jnr, Liverpool, cm (1760–d. 1802). Addresses given in partnership with Ellen Rigg, cm, at Newmarket in 1765, and Derby Sq., 1766–67; recorded alone at 11 Derby Sq. in 1769; 55 Ranelegh St with warehouse at 5 Harrington in 1777; Lord St, 1778–87; no. 33, 1784–87; warehouse at 5 Islington and workshop at Back 34 Lord St in 1790; Folly Lane, 1794; and 3 Upper Islington, 1796. In 1760 he petitioned freedom on birthright as son of Thomas Eden, shoemaker, paying 3s 4d. Admitted freeman on 30 May 1761. Former apps petitioned freedom: Richard Coppell and John Walker in 1780; Thomas Dutton in 1790; Samuel Nelson in 1802, indenture dated 1790; and George Bilby in 1802, indenture dated 1794. Son, John Eden, Gent., petitioned freedom on birthright in 1802. On 25 October 1765 Ellen, widow of Edward Rigg, cm, announced in Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser her intention of carrying on business and entering into partnership with Eden, ‘who has been several Years in some of the principal Shops in London’. Eden alone took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1778 for £500, utensils and stock accounting for £200. Probably the J. Eden, cm of Liverpool, who subscribed £1 1s to the Mayor's fund for the relief of soldiers and their dependants in the American war [Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser, 17 November 1775]; and who acted as agent in a sale of stock, same paper, 10 January 1782. [D; Liverpool freemen reg. and committee bk; GL, Sun MS vol. 264, p. 537] Probably John Edon.

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.